Luyện tập ( 4000 Essential English Words - Book 1)

Tuổi trẻ không siêng năng, già phải hối hận - Cổ Thi

Unit 1: The Lion and the Rabbit

Unit 2: The Laboratory

Unit 3: The Report

Unit 4: The Dog’s Bell

Unit 5: The Jackal and the Sun Child

Unit 6: The Friendly Ghost

Unit 7: The Best Prince

Unit 8: How the Sun and the Moon Were Made

Unit 9: The Starfish

Unit 10: The First Peacock

Unit 11: Princess Rose and the Creature

Unit 12: The Crazy Artist

Unit 13: The Farmer and the Cats

Unit 14: A Magical Book

Unit 15: The Big Race

Unit 16: Adams County’s Gold

Unit 17: The Race for Water

Unit 18: The Little Red Chicken

Unit 19: Shipwrecked

Unit 20: The Seven Cities of Gold

Unit 21: Katy

Unit 22: A Better Reward

Unit 23: The Camp

Unit 24: A Strong Friendship

Unit 25: Joe’s Pond

Unit 26: Archie and His Donkey

Unit 27: The Spider and the Bird

Unit 28: The Party

Unit 29: How the World Got Light

Unit 30: Cats and Secrets