Luyện tập từ vựng ( 4000 Essential English Words - Book 4)

Chọn đúng thời gian, sự bền bỉ và mười năm nỗ lực rồi cuối cùng sẽ khiến bạn có vẻ như thành công chỉ trong một đêm. (Biz Stone)

Unit 1: The History of Chocolate

Unit 2: Monkey Island

Unit 3: The Young Man and the Old Man

Unit 4: The Tricky Fox

Unit 5: The Magic Computer

Unit 6: Jack Frost and the Pudding

Unit 7: The Architect’s Plan

Unit 8: Janie and the Music Player

Unit 9: Growing to be Great

Unit 10: Anton’s Great Discovery

Unit 11: How a Singer Helped Win the War

Unit 12: The Sun and the North Wind

Unit 13: The Big Race

Unit 14: The Brothers and the Bread

Unit 15: Laika, the Space Dog

Unit 16: Gwen’s New Friends

Unit 17: Kara Goes Camping

Unit 18: The School Play

Unit 19: Isaac’s First Plane Trip

Unit 20: The Betrayal

Unit 21: The Teller and the Thieves

Unit 22: The Scribe’s Warning

Unit 23: How the Dinosaurs Really Died

Unit 24: The Traveler and the Innkeeper

Unit 25: Gilbert and the Lizard

Unit 26: The Forest People

Unit 27: Dying Forest

Unit 28: Thucydides and the Plague of Athens

Unit 29: The Solar Car Race

Unit 30: The Heirs