Luyện tập từ vựng ( 4000 Essential English Words - Book 5)

Chiến thắng bản thân là chiến thắng hiển hách nhất. (Plato)

Unit 1: The Little Mice

Unit 2: The Helpful Abbey

Unit 3: The Bachelor’s Lesson

Unit 4: The Corrupt Administrator

Unit 5: a Famous Accident

Unit 6: The Island

Unit 7: Small World

Unit 8: Becoming a Healer

Unit 9: The Weaving Machine

Unit 10: Life on the Farm

Unit 11: Beethoven’s Gift

Unit 12: Brothers

Unit 13: The Old Hound

Unit 14: Day Without Sight

Unit 15: The Big Ship

Unit 16: The History of Parachutes

Unit 17: “I Didn’t Do It!”

Unit 18: The Soldier’s Decision

Unit 19: Jane’s Pride

Unit 20: Microchips

Unit 21: The Twins

Unit 22: The New Bioco

Unit 23: How Comet Got His Tail

Unit 24: The Resourceful Landlord

Unit 25: The Man and the Monkey

Unit 26: Cosmo’s Flight

Unit 27: The First Organ Transplant

Unit 28: The Lottery

Unit 29: Jen’s New Job

Unit 30: The Demon’s Bridge