Luyện tập từ vựng ( 4000 Essential English Words - Book 2)

Không phải là bạn có bị đánh gục hay không, mà là bạn có đứng dậy hay không- Vince Lombardi

Unit 1: The Twelve Months

Unit 2: The Dragon

Unit 3: The Battle of Thermopylae

Unit 4: The Deer and His Image

Unit 5: May 29,1953

Unit 6: The Frog Prince

Unit 7: A Beautiful Bird

Unit 8: Tricky Turtle

Unit 9: The Tale of Bartelby O’Boyle

Unit 10: Blackbeard

Unit 11: Dinosaur Drawings

Unit 12: The Mean Chef

Unit 13: The Cat and the Fox

Unit 14: The Good Student

Unit 15: The Lucky Knife

Unit 16: Prince Sam

Unit 17: Henry Ford’s Famous Car

Unit 18: The Priest

Unit 19: Mrs. May and the Green Girl

Unit 20: Albert Einstein

Unit 21: From the Earth to the Stars

Unit 22: The Farm Festival

Unit 23: The Clever Thief

Unit 24: The Doctor’s Cure

Unit 25: The Criminal

Unit 26: The Two Captains

Unit 27: The Duke and the Minister

Unit 28: The Fisherman

Unit 29: Osiris and the Nile

Unit 30: The Taxi Driver