Luyện tập từ vựng ( 4000 Essential English Words - Book 2)

Nếu bạn sinh ra trong nghèo khó, đó không phải là lỗi của bạn. Nhưng nếu bạn chết đi trong nghèo khó, đó chính là lỗi của bạn. (Bill Gates)

Unit 1: The Twelve Months

Unit 2: The Dragon

Unit 3: The Battle of Thermopylae

Unit 4: The Deer and His Image

Unit 5: May 29,1953

Unit 6: The Frog Prince

Unit 7: A Beautiful Bird

Unit 8: Tricky Turtle

Unit 9: The Tale of Bartelby O’Boyle

Unit 10: Blackbeard

Unit 11: Dinosaur Drawings

Unit 12: The Mean Chef

Unit 13: The Cat and the Fox

Unit 14: The Good Student

Unit 15: The Lucky Knife

Unit 16: Prince Sam

Unit 17: Henry Ford’s Famous Car

Unit 18: The Priest

Unit 19: Mrs. May and the Green Girl

Unit 20: Albert Einstein

Unit 21: From the Earth to the Stars

Unit 22: The Farm Festival

Unit 23: The Clever Thief

Unit 24: The Doctor’s Cure

Unit 25: The Criminal

Unit 26: The Two Captains

Unit 27: The Duke and the Minister

Unit 28: The Fisherman

Unit 29: Osiris and the Nile

Unit 30: The Taxi Driver