Luyện tập từ vựng ( 4000 Essential English Words - Book 3)

Thành công chỉ đến với những người luôn bận rộn đi tìm kiếm nó. (Henry David Thoreau)

Unit 1: The Real St. Nick

Unit 2: The Shepherd and the Wild Sheep

Unit 3: The Boy and his Sled

Unit 4: Tiny Tina

Unit 5: Trick-or-treat!

Unit 6: The Senator and the Worm

Unit 7: Patsy Ann Unit

Unit 8: The Anniversary Gift

Unit 9: Dalton vs. the Bully

Unit 10: Anna the Babysitter

Unit 11: Peter and the Dwarf

Unit 12: The Ice Cream Cone Explosion

Unit 13: Sheriff Dan

Unit 14: The Helpful Apprentice

Unit 15: Why Monkey Has No Home

Unit 16: Matthew Learns a Lesson

Unit 17: The Magic Cup

Unit 18: The Knight’s Plan

Unit 19: The Magic Pear Tree

Unit 20: Little Wolf and Mother Wolf

Unit 21: The Old Man with a Bump

Unit 22: The Circus

Unit 23: Lazy Hans

Unit 24: The Bremen Town Musicians

Unit 25: How Did Greenland Get Its Name?

Unit 26: Everyone is Special

Unit 27: Pizarro and the Inca Gold

Unit 28: The Boy Who Saved the Town

Unit 29: An Interesting Life

Unit 30: The Kitten and the Caterpillar