Luyện tập từ vựng ( Highly Recommended - New Edition )

Sự cẩn thận và chăm chỉ mang tới may mắn - Thomas Fuller

Unit 1:  Taking phone calls

Unit 2:  Giving information

Unit 3:  Taking room reservations 

Unit 4:  Taking restaurant bookings 

Unit 5:  Giving polite explanations 

Unit 6:  Receiving guests 

Unit 7:  Serving in the bar 

Unit 8:  Instructions 

Unit 9:  Taking a food order 

Unit 10: Desserts and cheese 

Unit 11: Talking about wine 

Unit 12: Dealing with requests 

Unit 13: Describing dishes 

Unit 14: Dealing with complaints 

Unit 15: Jobs and workplaces 

Unit 16: Explaining and instructing 

Unit 17: Taking telephone requests 

Unit 18: Taking difficult phone calls 

Unit 19: Health and safety at work 

Unit 20: Giving directions indoors 

Unit 21: Giving directions outside 

Unit 22: Facilities for the business traveller 

Unit 23: Offering help and advice 

Unit 24: Dealing with problems 

Unit 25: Paying bills 

Unit 26: Payment queries 

Unit 27: Applying for a job 

Unit 28: The interview 

Unit 29: Test Your Self