Luyện tập từ vựng ( 4000 Essential English Words - Book 6)

Nếu bạn sinh ra trong nghèo khó, đó không phải là lỗi của bạn. Nhưng nếu bạn chết đi trong nghèo khó, đó chính là lỗi của bạn. (Bill Gates)

Unit 1: The North Star

Unit 2: The Fossil Hunters

Unit 3: Dressed to Excess

Unit 4: The Butler’s Bad Day

Unit 5: A Bet

Unit 6: Amazing Komodo Dragons

Unit 7: Greek Magical Papyri

Unit 8: Watch Out!

Unit 9: Dangerous Bites

Unit 10: The Avalanche

Unit 11: The Lydian King

Unit 12: The Butler

Unit 13: The End of Smallpox

Unit 14: The Coward’s Lesson

Unit 15: Epidemic in Zimbabwe

Unit 16: The Brute and the Billionaire

Unit 17: The Tenacious Inventor

Unit 18: The Nurse’s Lesson

Unit 19: Seizures Then and Now

Unit 20: The Greedy Bee

Unit 21: The Mayor of Sherman

Unit 22: The Editor’s Choice

Unit 23: The Ice House

Unit 24: Preparing of the Future

Unit 25: Hundred Plays

Unit 26: The Kidnapping

Unit 27: The Earl of Shining

Unit 28: The Lord and the Farmers

Unit 29: The Shortcut

Unit 30: The Mad Hatter