Luyện tập từ vựng ( 4000 Essential English Words - Book 6)

Lịch sử luôn được viết bởi người chiến thắng – Joachim Peiper

Unit 1: The North Star

Unit 2: The Fossil Hunters

Unit 3: Dressed to Excess

Unit 4: The Butler’s Bad Day

Unit 5: A Bet

Unit 6: Amazing Komodo Dragons

Unit 7: Greek Magical Papyri

Unit 8: Watch Out!

Unit 9: Dangerous Bites

Unit 10: The Avalanche

Unit 11: The Lydian King

Unit 12: The Butler

Unit 13: The End of Smallpox

Unit 14: The Coward’s Lesson

Unit 15: Epidemic in Zimbabwe

Unit 16: The Brute and the Billionaire

Unit 17: The Tenacious Inventor

Unit 18: The Nurse’s Lesson

Unit 19: Seizures Then and Now

Unit 20: The Greedy Bee

Unit 21: The Mayor of Sherman

Unit 22: The Editor’s Choice

Unit 23: The Ice House

Unit 24: Preparing of the Future

Unit 25: Hundred Plays

Unit 26: The Kidnapping

Unit 27: The Earl of Shining

Unit 28: The Lord and the Farmers

Unit 29: The Shortcut

Unit 30: The Mad Hatter